New Site is Live

It’s good to have an official site!

Rather than only posting on a forum or some social media platform, I figured it’d be good to have a consolidated platform for distributing information on Uncharted Galaxy. One that I can have a bit more control over than I might have elsewhere. And of course, one whose branding matched that of the game!

Being that I have a fair bit of experience with web development, I figured why not roll my own site! I also wanted to try out a crazy idea I had: Instead of a traditional comments system, each post entry here would get its own post on the three big social media platforms I frequent: Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

At the bottom of each post, you’ll find a section titled “Discuss this Post”. Beneath that are icons that link to each of the services mentioned above. By following the link of your choice, you can discuss the content of that particular post, while also having an easy link to sharing the post with others.

Over the coming months I’ll be taking breaks from development of the game itself to spruce up these social media presences as well. As with all projects in active development, please forgive me for things that aren’t working as expected, but please don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know if something’s broken for you!

I’m looking forward to open discussions with you all!

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